X-Men Retro Marvel Legends 6-Inch Action Figure Iceman


X-Men Retro Marvel Legends 6-Inch Action Figure Iceman

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X-Men Retro Marvel Legends 6-inch Action Figure Wave 1 Iceman Collectible. Only $39.90. Free shipping on orders over $100 within Australia.

  • Iceman has the mutant ability to turn himself into a being of living ice. Once he does that, he can create almost anything he wants: ice slides, ice weapons, ice shields, not to mention icicles and snowballs. Imagine the Omega-level mutant battling through the pages of Marvel X-Men comics with this 6-inch-scale Iceman vintage figure, including a character-inspired accessory!
  • A tribute to the history of Marvel Super Heroes, the Marvel Retro 6-inch Collection features core Marvel characters with retro packaging and design. Each figure includes multiple points of articulation, classic-inspired details, and character-specific accessories. Collectors and kids alike can expand their Marvel collection with 6-inch scale figures from the Marvel Retro Collection!


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